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“DEAD OR ALIVE” #&TheyAllVoted🤤 (verse 1)

by on July 5, 2021

“DEAD OR ALIVE” #&TheyAllVoted🤤 (verse 1)

(music by Bon Jovi)

Intro Sambora Riff🎸…

It’s all so lame..

All of the names (& laws) were changed.. (ballot signatures forged or missing)

Everyday.. (for weeks prior to election)

We seen votes harvested & faked.. (machine produced, drop boxes stuffed – 96% Sleepy😴)

Another polling place..

Where our watchers were treated so cold😠 (kicked out & blocked from observing counts)

Dems scanned all night.. (after counts were stopped in key swing counties)😏

Just to bring ‘Faux’😴 home.. (make up huge tens of thousands deficits & exceed by mere thousands)

He’s a con & ploy..

On a steal vote they thrive.. (radical leftists agenda via executive order)

They voted.. (cheated)..

Dead or alive.. (multiple times multiple phony ballots, multiple scanning)

Yeah they voted.. (cheated!)..

Dead or alive.. (not registered, not citizens, not breathing)

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