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“PRETENDING” (she’s as phony as a Biden 3 dollar bill)🤑

by on June 24, 2021

“PRETENDING” (she’s as phony as a Biden 3 dollar bill)🤑

(music by Eric Clapton)


How many times must she tell tall tales…

(“I’ve been to the border”)🤪

How many times must she stall…

(& cackle hysterically about)🤪

Livin’ in a lost memory (little girl on an integrated school bus),

Now not appalled (she now works with the segregationist/racist)🙃…

Workin’ on, the sound of the scam…

(Radical Left Agenda)

Tryin’ to get her bullshit right💩…

(it comes naturally for her)

Trump goes to work💪😉🇺🇸

(visits the border crisis)

Kommie stays home & gripes 😒…

(now El Paso photo-op ’cause Trump called her bluff & forced her off her incompetent duff)

That’s when she said she was suspending…

(border security)

Like she knew the plan…

(catch & release)

That’s when I knew she was pretending…

Pretending to give a damn!


(phony hypocrite)


(radical leftist agenda)


(Regressive Liberal rot)💩


(to admire & respect Sleepy Schmoe)🤤

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