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“GUST OF THE WIND”🌬😷 #ComeDownKite-Man!😴

by on March 20, 2021

“GUST OF THE WIND”🌬😷#StayDownKite-Man!😴

(music by Kansas)


I close.. my.. eyes😴 (but they’re never opened)💤

Only for a moment, but that gust was strong💨😳

Like all.. my.. schemes😒 (‘Build Beijing Better’)🇨🇳👍

I crash (& almost tumble down the flight steps) before my (fake news media’s) eyes,

A ‘climate change’ travesty! (the wind was so strong because Trump pulled out of Paris Agreement)😱

Gust… of the wind…

All it took was a gust of the wind… (now Sleepy knows how Corn Pop felt)

Came.. on.. strong…

Just a drop of (rain) water, then gale force endlessly…

Need.. new.. shoes… (rubber ‘slipper-gripper’ soled bed-slippers)

I tumbled to the ground, though fake-news refused to see…

(won’t report on it, or acknowledge my balance & dementia issues)

Gust… of the wind…

All it took was a gust of the wind…

Now, rail.. hang.. on… (but now installing a lift on ‘CHAIR-FORCE-ONE’)

Wind may last forever ’cause Trump polluted the earth & sky…

Almost blew.. me.. away…

With all your money, best weather gear I’ll buy…

Gust… of the wind🌬…

All it took was a gust of the wind😖…

(& gust of radical surrender/suffocation of American Liberty to Statism/Globalism)

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