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“2 & SOON 3, AIN’T BAD”😷😷#MultiMask Mandate😷😷😷

by on February 18, 2021

2 & SOON 3, AIN’T BAD” #MultiMaskMandate

(music by Meat Loaf)

The ‘THIEF-N-CHIEF’: “i now wear two masks in the Oval, to sleep, and when skinny dipping”…

(IN REALITY: the Cheat most likely doesn’t even know that he’s in the Oval Office, wearing one mask let alone two.. and sentry Kamala probably crept up from her post behind, and double masked him)

Intro PIANO…


Country, wear one mask alright (& tight)…

But that ain’t gettin’ us nowhere… (still in for a dark variant year ahead)

They (Fauxci & Kamala) told you everything I possibly can… (i’m just a figureEmojihead)

There’s nothin’ left, inside of here…

& Trumpers, you can whine you’re right (he stole the election via China Virus crisis!)…

But that’ll never change the way that we steal (gonna keep using this crisis, propaganda & control)…

Our hold is really tightenin’ up worldwide (CDC, WHO continuing mandates)…

I’ll never ever make you leave there (stay home multi masked preferably in basement)

Trump poured bleach on, but I poured it out (I follow ‘the science’ so body suit mandate next)…

I’ll try to show you just how much I care (unlike ‘senior citizen serial killer’ Cuomo)…

I’m not tired of ‘muffled words’, and even if you’re to hoarse just have to shout (through the multi masking)…

But I’m like mold, and me so gone, even Dr. Jill’s crying icicles (frustrated with my stupor) instead of tears…

& all I can do, is keep on mandatin’ to you-

Dr. Fauxci wants you… (he directs you)

Grim Reaper Kamala needs you… (she’ll jail you)

‘Cause there ain’t no way, China’s not ever gonna govern you (they don’t call me ‘China Schmoe’ for nothin’)

Now don’t be mad (Red State Gov’s)

(don’t be mad)

‘Cause 2 & soon 3 (masks), ain’t bad…

Now just.. be.. glad (my 80 million fake sheeples)

(just be glad)

‘Cause 2 & soon 3 (& more),

ain’t bad…

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