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“DIRTY DEEDS” #DemDirtCheats🐀

by on December 1, 2020

“DIRTY DEEDS” #DemDirtCheats

(music by ACDC)

Intro ANGUS….

If you’re, havin’ trouble cause he’s so far ahead..

It’s not the time to snooze..

You got to compensate, keep ballot-box fed..

Here’s what we’re gonna do.. (@ 2:30AM)

Stop count of vote..

Send Repubs home..

Data dump, nick of time..

Just ring up –

360K.. 240K.. 360K..

I lead no trace of crime…. ow!

Dirty Deeds..

Software cheats!..(Smartmatic count flips)

Dirty Deeds..

Mail-In heaps!.. (of phony ballots)

Dirty Deeds..

Sleepy sheets!.. (pristine xerox copied)

Dirty Deeds done by Dem dirt cheats…

Dirty Deeds done by Dem dirt creeps… yeah

Count stop..


No observation..


dump spikes..

Contracts.. (w/ Dominion & Smartmatic)

High over-vote! (400%)..



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