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“HONKY HONK, WAKE-UP MAN!” #RallyGeese&Ca rhorns🦆🚗💤💤

by on October 30, 2020

“HONKY HONK, WAKE-UP MAN!” #RallyGeese&Carhorns🦆🚗💤💤

(music by The Rolling Stones)


(Sleepy Low-Info Supporter):

I saw a squinting basement creep in Wilmington…(Delaware)😑

He hides when Jill comes to take him upstairs for awhile…

He had a flock of geese right over his shoulder😴🦆…(honking outside during a cellar zoom snoozer)

& the cars just seem to beep while he stutters his lines🤤…

(drive-up, parking lot rally)😴🚗

It’s the hooo…. hooo…. oonk.. ky.. honk, wake-up man!😴📣…

Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky honk snooze💤💤

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