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“MIKE’S A ROCK”💪😉🇺🇸 #PencePowered2024

by on October 8, 2020

“MIKE’S A ROCK” #PencePowered2024

(music by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band)

He sat there boldly,

Recountin’ what they’d done…

New jobs by millions,

Made us #1…

The height of election,

A VPs never been so strong..

Mike, ‘The Rock’

He’s Trump’s “A-Team”,

Handled covid care (China Virus)

Workin’ for the people,

Not a dime was spared (billions spent in aid)…

& he just leads, solid record everywhere…

Mike’s A Rock

His head was steady,

The fly appeared, but then took flight…

His talk had purpose,

Hers was glib & trite…

& Mike held firmly,

To what he feels is right (unapologetically PRO-LIFE)

Mike, ‘The Rock’…

Mike’s A Rock…

He was strong, & won debate with ease…

Mike ‘The Rock’…

‘Commie Kamala’ never got to our great Veep…

Mike’s A Rock…

He was somethin’ to see (beat both the Dem & the moderator!)…

Mike ‘The Rock’

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