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“EVERYDAY (Real American) PEOPLE”🇺🇸👍 #NotSh allowCelebsParasitePoliticosOrSneakySocialists

by on August 24, 2020

“EVERYDAY (Real American) PEOPLE”


(music by Sly & the Family Stone)

(RNC Anthem):

Most times we’re right… (Founding Documents)

& we do right wrongs…(slavery, segregation, opportunity – progress all of which Democrats oppose)

Our own beliefs…

(Liberty & Justice for ALL),

Are in RNC throng…

The business owner, the policeman, the farmer and then…

Makes no difference, what group we’re in…


Trump!…… for Everyday People…

There is the Radical Socialist one that won’t accept the Regressive Liberal one that won’t accept the Democrat one (except as a numbnut Trojan horse) that won’t accept the American Patriot (Liberty, Capitalism, God given Rights) one’s…

But here we promote…

For all Freedom loving folks…

& (Trump policy) so on and so on and scooby dooby do a 3rd-term…

Our!…….. nom’s for thee American People…

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