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“ON THE DARK SIDE” #LightVersusDarkness’CellarStyle’😴

by on August 21, 2020

“ON THE DARK SIDE” #LightVersusDarkness’CellarStyle’
(music from Eddie & The Cruisers)

Intro Piano…

(‘SCHMOE SHOW’ Dem Nom Acceptance Speech):

The Dark Side’s growin’ now nothin’ is real…

(his record economy, employment, trade balance, energy independence, military buildup etc) ALL FAKE FOLKS!

He’ll never know just how Chinese commies feel…

(but me & Hunter do!)

Out of the shadows they walk like a dream…

(all my radical socialist cabinet members)

They will ‘deal’ crazy, make us feel so ‘green’!…

Ain’t nothin’ gonna save you (except me, you ain’t Black junkies!) ‘cause his gov is blind…

(& racist & bigoted & xenophobic & etc.. never mind the historic minority employment & opportunity zones)

Slip back from Dark Side, & Portland’s fine….

I’m not Dark Side

(I am the Unifying Light, but I like to keep my basement dark)

C’mon Man!..

MAGA Dark Side
(He’s endorsed by those racist cops i’ll be defunding.. I’m endorsed by those Portland Patriot Anarchists& those Chi-Coms

C’mon Man!..
(‘character’ is on the ballot)

(REPEAT until we start to look like one of those Socialist SHITHOLE countries)

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