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by on August 12, 2020


(music by Vanilla Ice)

Intro BUS-BOARDING beat….

(Snoop Dog Kamala):

Yo I.C.E. – let’s kick it!

ICE, ICE Crazy (they are the KKK)…

Vice, Vice Crazy (Impeach Justice Kavanaugh)…

Alright stop! (Joey)

Collaborate & listen (with/to my far left radical homies)

‘Vice’ got your back with my brand new addiction (Joey, but I’m still hooked on smokin’ dope while listening to Snoop Dog)

Somethin’ (my lust for power), grabs a hold of me tightly..

Phony lib loon, daily & nightly (my positions are “flexible”)

Will I ever stop? No! ‘Law & Order’ I know:

(prosecuting Blacks for marijuana w/ jail time, concealing death row exculpatory evidence)

Turn off their lights

& crime grows

To the extreme, I’ll rock your med like a vandal (cancel your private healthcare)

Lit Joe up on debate stage and whacked that chump, he couldn’t handle

ICE, ICE Crazy (ICE are the KKK)


ICE, Vice Crazy (now I say all Biden female accusers are lying bimbos)


ICE, Vice Crazy (gun grabber )


ICE, Vice Crazy (i BELIEVE Dr Blasey-Crazy-Ford)


“We just want to be your far-left any/everything!”

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