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“SHOUT IT OUT LOUD” #TheCognitiveDissident🤤

by on July 1, 2020

“SHOUT IT OUT LOUD” #TheCognitiveDissident🤤

(music by KISS)

Sleepy Joe presser💤💤💤

(not exactly Loud-n-Proud))


Well, the race has begun, and you want some sun😎 (cellar-dweller)

Do you think you’re gonna nail it (think you gonna nail it)👎🤣

They got to treat yourself, like #1 (teeball questions in advance, fake polls),

Do you need to be reminded (why you’re there🤔what you’re doing🤔what to say🤔 script/prompter THERE TO BE REMINDED)🤤👍

It doesn’t matter what you do or say🤪 (no one takes you seriously anyway),

Or forget the things that you’ve been told (“you don’t have to do this, Joe”)…

AOC (Far Left Rad agenda) can’t do it any other way🙃

(newsflash Sleepy: you’re their Trojan horse)😑

Every bozo’s got to mail-in vote!….…

Shout it!🙁

Shout it!🤤

Shout it out loud!…

(You finally had a presser)💤💤💤

Shout it!😑

Shout it!🥺

Shout it out loud!…

(You finally held a presser)💤💤💤


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