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“TOTAL ECLIPSE” #AFreshStart🇺🇸👍

by on May 29, 2020


(music by Air Supply)

From Obama Legacy👎 thru Crooked Hillary👎 thru Obamagate👎thru Witch Hunt & Impeachment Hoaxes👎 thru Chinese Virus Pandemic👎… A TOTAL TRUMP ECLIPSE💪😉

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then we got a little hit by phonies,

& now we’re comin’ back ‘round👍

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then we got a little bit tired of listening to the sound of their tears😫😢😤(TDS)

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then Obama is a little bit nervous that his best shot at me over last three years has gone awry😳

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then they (Comey, Brennan, McCabe etc) get a little bit terrified when they see the look in Durham’s eyesEmojiEmoji

Turned it around, their lies…Emoji

Every now and then their schemes fall apartEmoji

Turned it around, their demise… (not mine)Emoji

Every now and then I take them apart… (KICK THEIR ASS)Emoji

And we need the truth tonight!…

And we need justice more than ever…

And if you all vote for me twice…

We’ll keep making America great forever!Emoji

And we’ll always keep making things right (MADE IN USA)

‘Cause we’ll never go wrong,

Together we can take it, and in the end thrive!Emoji

Our gov was like a swamp, spying on me all of the time… (ALL of the time!… pre & post election!)

I sure know what to do, and I’m always gonna bark (defend!)…

We were livin’ with a power grab (Obama ‘fundamental transformation’ of America), and going real dark😵

I really reset things right! (& I’LL DO IT AGAIN)Emoji

Forever’s gonna restart tonight (rebuild economy, law-order-justice, health care & safety etc)…

Forever’s gonna be our fight! (Liberty & Freedom)🗽

Once upon a time we were falling because of gov💔😢

But now we’re reinstalling our heart❤️😁

There’s so much I can do (and redo!)👍

A Total Eclipse (of these maladies), a fresh start😉

Once upon a time there were blights in our lives… (see above header)Emoji

But now there’s only love & a lot of heart❤️💪

So much we can do (American Exceptionalism)

A Total Eclipse, a fresh start!💪😉👍


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