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“WE MAKE O’s SCHEMES”😍 #’O’IsSteamed😤

by on May 10, 2020

“WE MAKE O’s SCHEMES” #’O’IsSteamedEmoji

(music by Hall & Oates)

ODE to sexting lovebirds Strzok & Page😘

(LISA Snowflake-Trump-Hater PAGE):Emoji

What I want (Trump gone!), you’ve got (“insurance policy”)..

& it won’t be hard, we’ll handle😉..

We like to shame (dossier) and turn this scandal..

The scandal feeds the shame (peeing hookers etc)😍…

yeah yeahEmoji

(PETER Cupcake-Trump-Hater STRZOK):😫

What I’ve got’s, full crock of thoughts (smelly WalMart shoppers)😝
and schemes to scatter..

Andy (McCabe) pulled them all together (“insurance policy”),

& now I can explain (“the White House is running this, POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing”)👍👍

Oh yeah, well with you…

We make a O’s schemes come true😍

Ooo.. oo,, you you.. oo.. oo.. you youEmoji

Well well with you… oh yeah..

We make a O’s schemes come true👍😉..

Ooo.. oo.. you you.. well yeah.. oo.. ooEmoji

BACROCK Trump-Stalker OBAMA):😠

On ‘The Right’ now my, schemes become headline streamer..😳

Now they’re messin’, Deep State cleaners..

I can’t laugh, I am the face😖

Twist & shout (lame blame game), no way out😱

I wrapped your love-sick selves around me,

‘Cause this ain’t the way it was to be! (you idiots shouldn’t have texted about my overthrow plot!)😠
& my legacy’ll never be the same!😰 oh yeah

Well, ‘cause of you!😤

You make a my schemes fall through👎

Ooo.. oo.. you two.. oo.. oo.. Emoji

Well, well you two Dumbshits!.. ooh ooh😒

You make a my schemes fall through😠

Ooo.. oo.. you you..

whoa yeah.. Emoji



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