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by on May 9, 2020


(music Led Zeppelin)



Hey!… Durham, stop what you’re doin’!…

Hey!… Barr, you’ll drive me to ruin😖…

I don’t want people to know what I did about you..(criminally targeted a duly elected president to remove from office)🤫

‘Cause it sure was a lot!😳(massive abuse of power)

Won’t you let me scold you (spin narrative to blame of investigation)😤

Let me field my lovin’ charms (cue my sycophant media mites to defend my honor)🥰🤤

Communication (Fake News cover up narrative) breakdown😝

It’s always shift blame🤥..

I’m havin’ a nervous breakdown!😱

My legacy (& freedom) down the drain!….👍😉

LOCK HIM & his ‘Unknown Teleprompter’ UP!

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