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“TIME FOR ME TO FLY” #FlynnFliesObamaFries👍👍

by on May 8, 2020

“TIME FOR ME TO FLY” #FlynnFliesObamaFries👍👍

(music by REO Speedwagon)


I’ve been around, paid dues (3-Star)

I got taken down by ruse..

But I just, got some righteous relief👍

I swallowed my pride, for you (my son was threatened with prosecution)..

Lived (Trump campaign advocate), and lied (not really), got screwed😒

But Strzok still made me feel like a thief (Comey pushed bogus prosecution)…

They had me reelin’, put me away (bankruptcy, prison)..

‘Cause I’d blow them all in (as NSA)..

Stealin’ these years away (& reputation),

& I can’t relive ‘em (restore)😞

Now I get last laugh😂..

& truth’ll make them cry😩..

I believe it’s time for me to fly🦅👍😉….

(BACROCK ‘Abuse My Power To Save My Legacy From Trump’ HUSSEIN OBAMA):

I said we’d get/throw him out (JANUARY 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting to overthrow a duly elected president, aka TREASON)..

Comey said that he had no doubt..

With Deep State we were abusin’ gov..

Oh, and I wired (spied) their goin’ ons,

Had a legacy (to protect), I know would be gone (Paris climate, open border sanctuary, Iran nuke)👎

I do believe that I had reason enough (to perpetrate that biggest criminal political scandal in history!)😳

I had enough of the falseness,

Of his worn out MAGA elation😠

Enough of the fallacy,

That we’re an “exceptional” nation😒..

Oh I made Page & Strzok laugh (& sext)😍..

& with Brennan & Clapper spied👀..

I believe it’s time for me to lie!👍….


Time for Flynn to fly!🦅…

Truth and fight set the General freeEmoji

Time for Flynn to fly!…

That’s justice and got to be👍

I know it hurts Deep State bad guysEmojiEmoji

But it’s time for Flynn to fly..




Well don’t ya know it’s time for Obama to fry!..
Justice won’t let his ass be..
Time for Obama to fry!..
Oh, Barry,
That’s damn sure how it will be!Emoji

‘O’, I know it hurts his play to pry (me out of office),
But it’s time for Obama to fry!….

It’s time for Bacrock to fry…

Lie.. lie.. dirty guy…

It’s time for Obama to fry…


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