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“MAGIC MAN😉v.s.TRAGIC MAN”😴 #2020Smackdown👊🏻😵

by on April 23, 2020

“MAGIC MAN😉v.s.TRAGIC MAN”😴 #2020Smackdown👊🏻😵

(music by ♥️Heart)


Bold, make right, not long ago (2016),

When we were not so strong you know (post Obama-Biden ruin)😖

A gritty man came to we,

Never seen a guy so red, white & blue(America 1st!)👍

You know, he did not run away, he leads💪😉,

He’d seen Obama-Biden schemes😝👎

Cleaned up their ruin,

We worked right through it (millions of new jobs) yeah!💪😉…

Build our home! lead world👍he did it with style😎(MAGA!)

They don’t have to love us,

But will respect us all the while (Peace thru strength💪 FAIR Trade, pay fair shares)😉

So TDS Cupcakes😩,

Try to understand…

Try to understand…

Cry, cry, cry😪…

But understand:


Oooh yeah👍…

He’s got the pro-growth, America 1st plan!😉

Debate nights, he sang out of tune (tough time even making coherent comments)🤤

He stayed inside hunkered down in basement bedroom🛌😴..

Never ever never let (prosecutor investigate Hunter),

Quid pro quo sell last forever😉 (elect me & I’ll make Hunter Ambassador to China)🤑..

Well, summer blunders drooled to fall🤤,

Dems finally realized their stall😖..

Obama says he’s worried, legacy dryin’ up in a hurry, yeah🥺

Stay at home! fool.. Obama cried on a burner obama-phone☎️..

For sure we’ll lose with Joey again, my girl (Moochelle) could bring it home😉..

‘Cause Bacrock understands…

Even AhOleC understands😳…

Cry, cry, cry😪 ‘cause Bernie’s Bros😡understand:


Obama aah🥺…

Joe’ s a tragic man…

(i shoulda left him on the trash heap of history)

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