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“TWEET IT” #SocialMediaCounterpuncher👊🏻😵

by on April 21, 2020

“TWEET IT” #SocialMediaCounterpuncher👊🏻😵

(music by The Doors)

‘TWEET FIGHTIN’ MAN’📱😠 Locked-n-Loaded😉👍

C’mon!, c’mon!, c’mon!, c’mon! I’ll tweet it, babe..

Can’t you see, that I am not afraid (or PC)…

What was that comment fake news made😠…

Call out and tell you what they said (go directly / unfiltered to The People)😉..

Check out the response that I made💪📱…

Now, I’m… gonna punch (expose) you👊🏻…

Till your cred goes down the drain👎…

I’m… gonna punch you😵…

Put the truth😉 in front, of lies.. for you (lamestream) bye bye!😳👋

Image result for whoopi and joy behar mad angry

Image result for morning joe mad angry




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