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“I LIKE CHINESE”🥠#&LoveTheirPropaganda🤤👍

by on April 21, 2020

“I LIKE CHINESE”🥠#&LoveTheirPropaganda🤤👍

(music by Monty Python)

(SLEEPY JOE from deep in his basement bunker):

The world (except for China) today seems absolutely crackers🤪..

With travel bans to slow us all, no fly.. (it’s racist! xenophobic!.. oh wait, now i guess i agree with)🤪

This fool & idiot (Trump), hitting on (China & WHO), has triggered (his virus)..

(Oh gee, why does he keep calling it the ‘Chinese Virus’)🤔

It’s depressing😣.. and I’m making sense less (& less)🤤.. but that’s why-

I like Chinese🥰…

I like Chinese😍…

Me & Bacrock (with trade & tech) would get down on our knees🤤🤤.. (& then bend over)

We were always friendly and were ready to please (allow a 1/2 trillion yr trade deficit)😉👍

I like Chinese😘…

I like Chinese🥰…

There’s 1.5 billion💵 from them, where’s Hunter in the world today🤑..

He sure learned to like them, “fire that prosecutor!” i say😉👍


We like Chinese🥰…

We like Chinese😍…

Trump’s racism goes a long way overseas..

But they’re cute, and they’re cuddly, and they didn’t spread this disease (it was Trump!)🤪

We like Chinese food (from ‘wet markets’)😋..

The W.H.O. is never rude🤓 (like Trump is!)

Think the many things they’ve done to depress (the USA)..

There’s: tech theft, trade deficit, Trump plays checkers & they play chess!

We like Chinese😍…

We like Chinese🥰…


(maybe the Chinese know)🤔

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