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“I’M HUNKERED DOWN”😴 #&Goin’DownCome November😵

by on April 10, 2020

“I’M HUNKERED DOWN”😴 #&Goin’DownComeNovember😵

(music by Bruce Snowflake❄️😫 Springsteen)


I sit in basement, inside my house.. (all quiet)

I can feel the sleep a comin’ ‘round😑💤💤

Bernie Bros go to put their arms around me😘 (now have to support Quid Pro Joe)🥵

& AhOleC, gives them a look like they’re way outta bounds😠

Well, Obama let’s out one of his bored (detached no endorsement) sighs🙄

Well lately when supporters look into my closed eyes😴

I’m hunkered down, down, down, down💤💤

I’m hunkered down, down, down, down💤💤

I’m hunkered down, down, down, down💤💤

My campaign’s clunkerin’ down, down, sound, like a clown🤡….

I get mic’d up 💻🎙and I ‘zoom’, out, baby live on ‘skype’🤤

In their homes, everybody starts turnin’, turnin’ (the channel)👎

Yearnin’ for some fire & fight/life😝😑..

They’re sick & tired of DNC proppin’ me up🥺

Proppin’ me up for Trump to just go knock-a knock-a knock-a me👊🏻down, down, down, down😵..

Come November,
I’m goin’ down, down, down, down💤💤

Hidin’ Biden’s in his basement,

Hunkered down, down, down, down😳…

Jill won’t even come,
Down, down, down, down…Emoji

Hey! GOOD-NITEEmojiEmoji

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