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“W.H.O. R U?? #NoMore🤑ForYouChinaStooge

by on April 9, 2020

W.H.O. R U?? #NoMore🤑ForYouChinaStooge

(music by The Who)


WHO….. R U??
(China) stooge stooge… stooge stooge…

WHO….. R U??
(China) stooge stooge… stooge stooge…


It started up, with a Wuhan ‘wet market’ flay,

The WHO Chieftain knew (but downplayed) it’s name (& infectious lethality)..

He said, “you can go fly back to homes tonight (in Italy, Spain, America etc)

No need to mask up, or keep six feet away” (minimal social distance)..

I staggered back 🤧🤒🤢 to my homeland ground,

& big sneeze🤧blew through the air😵..

I remember Trump throwin’ ventilators around (mostly to ill prepared Cuomo),

& WHO Chief clown preachin’ (CYA) like he cared😨

WHO….. R U??

(China) stooge stooge.. stooge stooge..🤤

I really wanna know,

WHO….. R U🤔

No more billions for you🤑👎.. you through👎😫..


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