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“HIT THE SINK ON ME”🧴🙌 #ThenHave ADrinkOnMe🥃😜

by on March 22, 2020

“HIT THE SINK ON ME”🧴🙌 #ThenHaveADrinkOnMe🥃😜

(music by AC⚡️DC)

‘Salute to American alcohol distillers converting to hand sanitizer production’👍

Intro ANGUS🎸…


Whiskey, gin & brandy..

Fill your glass, we’re pretty handy🥃

Now, tryin’ to block a sick slime🤢

With enthanol, aloe & lavender combine🙌😉

So join in, scrub and wash more.. (for at least 20 seconds)

It’s gonna help keep employed👍

For less, worry about tomorrow,

Makin’ it today🧼

Don’t forget to refill check🧴

We’ll keep swell (spread) at bay…

Ah, hit the sink on me🧴

Yeah hit the sink, scrub clean🧼

Then, have a drink on me.. (we’re gonna have a hell of a future happy hour)😁🥃

(but for now),

Hit the sink, hands clean🙌 (on me)

C’mon! (scrub then shots)🧼🧴🥃😉

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