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“IMAGINE” #IfObamaCrookedHillaryOrBidenWereInCharge!😳

by on March 18, 2020

“IMAGINE” #IfObamaCrookedHillaryOrBidenWereInCharge!😳

(music by John Lennon)


Imagine there’s no travel ban..

It’s easy, more would die..

No quarantined among us..

From gov to us, virus rise🤧🤒.. (see H1N1 or as Joe says, N1H1)🤤

Imagine all the people, infected every day!😲

Imagine there’s no love of country (America 1st: closed/secured borders, federal /state/private business collaboration)..

It isn’t hard to do.. (Dem open borders, sanctuary country)

Nothing to stand or die for (no Freedom & Liberty, just Statism/Globalism)..

& no religion, 1st Amendment through..

Imagine We The People, having our Rights cease!😲


You may say Obama was a leader..

But you’d be the only one (aside from the low-info dopes)🤤

I hope someday you’ll (wise up) join us..

& the country will be as one👍

Imagine no incentive..

Bernie Bros sure can🤤🤤🤤

No need for partisan greed or political hunger..

No brotherhood of Democrat & fake-news scams..

Imagine all the people, pulling for all the world..(Make The World Great via Freedom & Liberty)🌎👍


You may say Trump is no leader..

But you’d be the only one (outside of The Swamp)🧟‍♂️

I hope someday we’ll drain you mucks💩

& our country will be a fragrant one🌺🌸🌼👍


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