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“LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER”🙏🏻#Health&ScienceTooBu tDon’tTellTrumpDerangedLibs&AtheistDopes😱🤣

by on March 13, 2020

“LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER”🙏🏻 #Health&ScienceTooButDon’tTellTrumpDerangedLibs&AtheistDopesEmoji🤣
(music by Bon Jovi)

Once upon a time… a month or so ago…

Trump/Pence says,
We gotta go on (with our lives),
But wash hands a lot (stay home & get tested too!)🤒

Our early action made the difference if we make it or not (China ban, quarantine)😷

We got each other (best scientists & doctors), and that’s a lot,

From gov –
We’ll give travel ban a shot!

We’re halfway there (to Italy status)🤧
Whooa… ooh!..
Livin’ on a prayer!🙏🏻

Embrace my plan,
& we’ll get vaccine I swear⛑

Whooa… ooh!..
Livin’ on a prayer!😇
(health & science too of course)😉

(but don’t tell Trump deranged Libs😩or Atheist Dopes🤤) 😂🤣

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