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“misFIRE” #FeelTheNap😑(HitTheSnooze)😴

by on March 3, 2020

“misFIRE” #FeelTheNapEmoji (HitTheSnooze)Emoji
(music by Bruce ‘Snowflake’ Springsteen)

INTRO Biden Supporter RIFF: “I’m wondering what is your fire? you see Bernie and Pocahontas, you see their fire.. that’s what I’m looking for.. where is your Fire???”

Image result for birthday candles blown out

(QUID PRO JOE): “get out & vote folks!.. it’s Super Thursday!”Emoji

Image result for biden malarkey tour bus

I’m ridin’ on my bus… (the ‘No Malarkey’ tour)

I look out the window… (sign says ‘Entering Iowa’)

I’m pollin’ real close… (’cause I’m a caucus)

But then say “I’m in Ohio”… Emoji

Supporter says she don’t like it… (my lame 4th place finish)

But girl, I know you’re a (dog-faced pony soldier) liar!…

‘Cause when I speak… ooh… misFire…🥴

Image result for biden confused

Well, early on (NH primary) night…

I’m takin’ off for (SC) home… (the ‘Gaffe-Arsonist’s firewall’)

I say, I don’t wanna stay!… (campaign in hostile States – most)

Voters say, “we want you to leave us alone!”

Obama not sayin’ he loves me???

DNC can’t hide their Convention quagmire…

‘Cause when I speak… ooh… misFire…🤪

Image result for biden sleeping


They had low (enthusiasm) polls on me, right from the start…
With hype so high, I couldn’t bear it or play the partEmoji
My nerves all jumpin’ (forehead veins pumpin’), actin’ like a fool (the 5 decade jester)Emoji
Well his kisses they BERNEmoji(his campaign red hot!), but mine won’t start…
I just drool……..Emoji

Mayor Peep and Amyette… (drop outs to prop my sorry ass up)

Mini and Lieawatha…

Baby, you can bet…

My DNC thugs they will deny… (Feel The Bern AGAIN)Emoji

My words, I may spitEmoji

But take my word, I’m their guy…Emoji
(last desperate hope verses socialist revolt)Emoji

but when I speak… ooh… misfire…🤮

Image result for birthday candles blown out



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