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by on February 13, 2020

(music by Eric Clapton)


It’s late in the evening… (& throughout following week)

They’re wonderin’ whose votes went where🤔

Results, might just make-up?🤫

& everyone but Bloomberg cares🤑

& then caucus asks Perez..

What’s up with oversight??🤓

& Trump tweets, Democrats – you did wonderful tonight🤣


They go as a party…🤡

To New Hampshire with new energy..😑

But the beautiful rally…

Is goin’ on with Trump up the street🤭

& then Bernie asks Mayor Peep…
“Do you think Billionaires are alright?”Emoji
& Peep says, “yes, and you’ll get screwed again by their mightEmoji

They poll wonderful (Trump dominates them)Emoji

Because voters see new gov heights in their lies🤥… (Green New Deal, Socialized Med, open borders & benefits)

& the wonder, of it all…

Is that they just don’t realize, how much, Socialism’s not loved here👎Emoji


It’s time Joe goes home now…
‘Cause his campaign is dead… (R.I.P. you lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier)
So he stops his malarkey…Emoji
& Sleepy heads off to bedEmoji

& then DNC tells him…
As they pull him from fight… (this ain’t like with Corn-Pop)Emoji
& Barock says bro,
You didn’t do wonderful tonightEmoji (NO ENDORSEMENT FOR U SCHMOE!)

Oh, Dem darlings, you so wonderful on primary nightsEmoji…..

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