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by on January 6, 2020


(music by Triumph)

Their craze grows louder, and their fright is gettin’ strong (my 2020 Re-election)😳
Feels like they’re running out of slime (desperate Do-Nothing Dems)…
Every day I fight much harder, tweetin’ right from wrong..
You got to read my call transcript’s “perfect” lines😉

Won’t get discouraged, won’t be afraid, I will,
Make it through another Election Day (another Landslide)💪
WINS🇺🇸 are worth this price (presidential harassment) I pay…..

Our Constitution says it’s better live (free) than to concede,
I do my best to do my part (took out Crooked H & next Socialist up)👊🏻
More $$$ in your pockets, we do nothin’ but succeed (historic economy)💸
I found the “magic wand” Obama tried to break apart🧙‍♂️

Keepin’ up ‘1776 spirit’, keepin’ up our faith (American Exceptionalism).. country,
Future generations counting on you🤞
You know what we’ve got to do…..

Fight The Good Fight, MAGA moments🇺🇸💪

MAGA minutes, MAGA days🇺🇸👍

Fight The Good Fight, MAGA moments 🦅

It’s our God given way😉……



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