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“HEY JOE” #QuidProSchmoe🤤

by on October 7, 2019

“HEY JOE” #QuidProSchmoe🤤

(music by Jimi Hendrix)

Intro JIMI Riff🎸

Hey.. Joe…

Where you (& Sleepy Junior) goin’ with that, sum💵 in your hands🤗…

Hey.. Schmoes🤤…

Trump said,

“a where’d that prosecutor go? he all done, was your plan”👎…


“Lead goin’ down to Indian lady..

They caught me messin’ ‘round with some other lands” (Ukraine, China etc)…

“My lead goin’ down to that Pocahontas crazy🤪..

Ya know they caught me (& junior) messin’ ‘round with some other lands”🤥😣


“The Biden’s are Stone Cold Crooked!”..

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