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“HERE I GO AGAIN” #StorytimeWithLiddle’LowLifeAdumbSchiff👀

by on October 3, 2019

“HERE I GO AGAIN” #StorytimeWithLiddle’LowLifeAdumbSchiff👀

(music by Whitesnake)



No I don’t know, where this is goin’… (hopefully impeachment)🤔

But I sure know where I’ve been… (humiliated by Russia nothingburger)😖

Hangin’ on the (scripted whistle-blower) promises,

& the wrongs of yesterday (I have Russia collusion evidence!)…

‘Cause I’ve made up this (another) crime😉…

I ain’t wastin’ no more time (move inquiry at warp-speed instead of 2 yrs)…

Here I go again…..🤤

Here I go again🤥…..

Though I keep searchin’ for an action (criminal)🧐

Never seem to find what I’m lookin’ for… (so I’ll just make it up & read to Congress)🤥

Oh Lord, I pray to give me no shame, to carry on…

‘Cause I know what it means…

To stumble along, with lowly conspiracy themes!🤪…..

Here I go again, not alone! (I have a House full of Democ🐀’s)…

Goin’ down the only road, we’ve ever known!… (Impeach 45! Impeach 45!)😫

Like a tipster, I was forewarned ‘bout this big load💩 (I helped write ‘Dirty Dossier Redux’ aka whistle-blower complaint)📝🤫

& I’ve made up this (another) crime…

I’ll keep wastin’ American’s time🙄☹️…..

Shifty✏️ meet Treason😳

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