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“AT ELECTION TIME”🇺🇸#Trump202 0’KeepItSummertimeInAmerica!’☀️

by on September 17, 2019

“AT ELECTION TIME”🇺🇸#Trump2020’KeepItSummertimeInAmerica!’☀️

(music by Mungo Jerry)

Intro ‘Campaign Trail’ Riff….

(TRUMP-TRAINEmoji “We have the greatest political movement in our history!”):

Choo.. choo choo.. uh, choo.. choo choo.. uh
Choo.. choo choo.. uh, choo.. choo choo.. uh (repeat)

At election time, when the rhetoric hot..

You can wake right up, and tweet by nine..

At election time,

You got winnin’, you got winnin’ on your mind..

Great instincts, non stop drive,

Go out, and rally (MAGA) all the time🇺🇸👍

Well thank Donny we’re rich,

Throw regs out, tax cuts real..

Yeah thank Donny not poor,

U.S.A. first, is the deal😉

Speed along our gains,
Second term & return Prez 45👍
When the swamp drains down,
We can make it 🇺🇸 make it good, and really fine👍

Trump’s no threat, people (but The Squad is!)👹
He’s not dirty (like Crooked Hillary),
He’s not mean (like Obama Deep State witch hunters)..
He loves everybody (Make Your Country Great Again)👍
But he do as he please (America 1st)🇺🇸
At election time-
He on a mission, to go winnin’ for country👍🇺🇸
He’s always snappy (witty unlike Sleepy Joe)😴
Life’s for buildin’ yeah, that’s his philosophy😉

(Building economy, wealth, military, security, WALL)😉

Vote along with us..
T T T T T…
Don don don don don…
Yeah, voters hap-pap-py😁

Don don don T don don T T don don T don…
Don do don don don..
Don don don don..
Don don don……


Choo.. choo choo uh.. choo.. choo choo.. uh (repeat)

When election’s here, yeah it’s MAGA time🇺🇸👍
Dem he’ll throttle, wear your Red Hat, it’ll soon be 2nd-term time..
& we’ll mock snowflakes again❄️🤣
They’ll go cryin’😥or maybe they’ll meltdown😱
Yeah we’re rich🤑 ‘cause he’s fights 💪🇺🇸
Not our friends, if they always run us down👎😉

Choo.. choo choo.. uh choo.. choo choo.. uh…..

Choo.. choo choo.. uh!Emoji

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