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“TALK TO ME” #TalkWithCountry🇺🇸

by on January 14, 2019

“TALK TO ME” #TalkWithCountry🇺🇸
(music by Stevie Nicks)

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(PRESIDENT TRUMP Oval Office Address):

I can see, we’re thinkin’ ‘bout the same thing (Illegal border entry)..

Yes I see, your expression at what it brings😠

We all know, there’s an invasion happenin’ here…

There’s no sense, in dancin’ round this life & death subject..
This wound gets worse, when it’s treated with neglect (see Obama, Dems & past Admin’s)
Well, got to turn around (National Emergency!),
There’s a lot here to fear (drugs, gangs, human trafficking!)…..


You can talk to me!…

Talk security… 🇺🇸

You can talk humanity… 👍

You can set up legally… 😉

Dems dusty words, lyin’, playin’ politics..
Truth seldom heard, well, media keeps dark secrets..
Women & children locked inside (sexually abused & trafficked),
Hidden, out of view… (“mouths taped & snatched up”)

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(CRYIN’ CHUCK & NANCY ‘hostage video’):
Well, he is all blowhard,
It is all “manufactured” bluff..
Well, we’ve shown you our true cards,
So don’t expect too much! 😠
We must hide your hurt (citizens dying)😞
‘Cause a closed/secure border simply will not do!…


You spew hypocrisy… 🤮

Is true emergency (Dems are clowns now)😝

You just set illegal felons free! (sanctuary) ☠️ is cheap….



Though we stay, face to face, dug in deep,
More (many), voices say, on border ground build many feet (& it just got 10ft taller!)👍
The Wall runs high, Cryin’ Chuck wails, with swelling tears 😢😪😰😭
Oh let our Wall shut down,
Stop border crime spree!..
They can’t break our bounds,
Must come LEGALLY!..
You can lose all doubt,
‘Cause they’ll find no sanctuary here…

You can talk to me…

Talk security… 🇺🇸
(Dems are clowns now)

You can talk humanity… 👍

You can set up legally… 😉

Well I can see your expression at what this brings 😠
& I can see that we’re thinkin’ ‘bout the same thing 🤔
Need our border hard.. 👊🏻
Our agents are tough.. 💪
Well no more breakin’ all our seams and gettin’ through…

Well I will secure country…

Well I will secure country… 👍

Liberty, yeah! 🇺🇸

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