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“LAME JAMES” DOMDirector(DiarrheaOfMouth)🤮

by on December 19, 2018

“LAME JAMES” #DOMDirector(DiarrheaOfMouth)🤮

(music by Jefferson Starship)

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James, you say pulled one over, on General Flynn.. yeah..

There’s was a time when gov was a, (Trump in transition)

No time for lettin’ ‘em be.. no..

James you played a game called,

Called entrapment by its real name..

Makin’ believe that you just sent agents to hang!…

Aaahh so Lame!*L-) loser

James, you played a game, covered up Hill’s sins.. your girl..

Instead of lockin’ away and askin’,

Why deletin’? (like others w/ classified info)🤔

You’re a rat, not a mouse..

(Rat not a mouse!) 🐀

From behind ‘closed door’ your, memos leak out (off record)..

Don’t you pretend you don’t know, what they’re (congress committee) talkin’ about… (“I DON’T RECALL” 245 X)

Were, all those leaks, you sent to professor..

Hey hey..

Only because, you thought you knew better..

Trump’s gotta go!…

James, you’re playin’ a game..

Sayin’ it lame..

Prayin’ for fame!….


Image result for james comey loser

Oh James you were playin’ a game of hide (cover for Crooked H), and go seek (target Trump)..

James, you’re sayin’ justice done,

But truth, you’re a biased creep..

Yes you are 😝

Lame, Lame, James..

Your a 💩stain on country!😝 yeah

Lame, Lame, James..

It’s so plain to see! *L-) loser

Lame, Lame, James..

Lame he’s Lame he’s Lame he’s Lame he’s James…

Lame, Lame, James..

He’s a droolin’ Comey, Comey, Comey 🤤🤤🤤

Lame, Lame, James 😝….

Image result for james comey as cowardly lion dont leave me with trump


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