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“ANIMALS” #MS13LoverNancyPelosi😍😘

by on June 1, 2018

“ANIMALS” #MS13LoverNancyPelosi😍😘
(music by Def Leppard)

(PELOSI): “There’s a ‘spark of divinity’ in every MS13’er.. and we all have to respect the dignity and worth of every MS13’er”…


Image result for pelosi ms13 lover

A vile rise…
Over border ground…

Such a lust to end life…
The maggots come to town…

They are the Dem chosen ones… (let’s let them vote multiple times too)
“Spark Of Divinity” praised…
Just let open-border run…
Let sanctuary reign!… yo 🙂

Image result for pelosi lover ms13

I’ve Love for all you! 😘

They gonna feel it, I’m too, out for blood!
Whoa ooh!.. 😠

They’ll feel our touch, crush ’em like bugs!
Whoa ohh!.. 😠

WE DON’T WANT!.. (keep ’em out!)

LAW FORCE FEED!.. (choke on justice!)

ICE WILL BUST!.. (round the scum up)

ANIMALS! (not human)




These ANIMALS! 😠

Image result for trump crushing ms13

“I refer to them as ‘Animals’.. and guess what, I always will!” 😉

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