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by on January 29, 2018

(music by Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Turn it up…

Big wins, keep us turnin’…
Care for our home, & future kin…
Standin’ for songs about our homeland 👍 (move out anthem kneelers!) 👎

Makin’ us Great once Again!
& we like to win! 😁

Well I heard Mr. Obama speak about her… (apologize for)
& I heard ol’ zerO, put her down… 🐀
Well I hope Barry Soetoro will remember…
An American fan, don’t need him bowin’ down, anyhow! (GET LOST COMMIE!)

Sweeet Home Aaamerica!.. 🇺🇸
Where our skies are now so blue 🌞
Sweeet Home Aaamerica!.. 🇺🇸
Lord, Trump’s makin’ it brand new 👍


In DC land they love to govern… (Establishment) boo boo boo 🐀
Now they all obstruct what Trump wants to do… (he’s De-regulatin’ & Reformin’ BigLeague anyway though)

Now AMERICA 1st does not bother ‘We’,
‘Leading From Behind’ days are through!
ain’t that the truth…

Sweeet Home Aaamerica! 🇺🇸
Where our skies again are so blue 🌞
Sweeet Home Aaamerica! 🇺🇸
Lord, Trump makin’ it like new 👍
wealth grow.. we sure growin’…

GUITAR 🙂 … (America.. Aaaahhh!)

Now Dem/RINO trolls are the ‘swampers’…
& they’ve been known to rig an election or two (“yes we do”)
Lord, Trump kicked their butts so much..
& Lock ’em up is what he’s gonna do.. (now Obama too!) 👍

Sweeet Home Aaamerica!… 🇺🇸
Where our skies are now so blue 🌞
Sweeet Home Aaamerica!… 🇺🇸
Lord, Trump’s makin’ us brand new 👍

Sweeet Home Aaamerica! 🇺🇸 …..



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