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“CHEERS” (to ‘The Donald’)👍👍

by on January 19, 2018

“CHEERS” (to ‘The Donald’)👍👍
(music from Cheers TV show)


Image result for trump diamond and silk

Makin’ us great, in the world today,
Givin’ ev’rything he’s got..

Make no mistake, dictators are worried, (little Rocket Man)
‘Peace Thru Strength’ helps a lot!

Wouldn’t we like Dems to get out the way… (petty obstructionists) 😩

It’s time we start to grow!

Yeah, ev’rybody knows his name!… (TRUMP!TRUMP!TRUMP!)

& we’re all so glad he came! 🙂 (down escalator & kicked some pantsuit ass!)

He wanna be, in ‘Front to Lead’,

‘From Behind’ was ‘O’ so lame 👎

He wants us to be where ev’rybody respects our name! 🇺🇸

We’re gonna grow, employ people so.. (jobs! jobs! jobs!)

People, our claim to fame.. (American Exceptionalism)

He gonna show to ev’rybody how we gain! 😉

Image result for trump america great



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