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“CRUMBLIN’ DOWN”😱 #DirtyDemsHouseOfCards

by on December 16, 2017

“CRUMBLIN’ DOWN”😱#DirtyDemsHouseOfCards
(music by John Cougar Mellencamp)


Image result for house of playing cards

Some people, (Team-Clinton, Team-Obama)
Ain’t no damn good, (DEPLORABLES)

You can’t trust ’em, you can’t jail ’em,
Her misdeeds went unpunished!..
& Fake-News-Media don’t mind, being their cheerleading ploy,
They’ve covered-up with pleasure, for years & years..
Oh yeah, DNC/Hillary were sinners, fund phony dossier what they did do..
Second best what Bernie got (bernout supporters still ‘feelin’ da BERN) 😡
‘Cause he let Blabbermouth Wasserman-Schultz
bend the rules..
Obama respects no CIA agent, let Rice & Powers unmask them all 🙃
Clapper & Brennan listenin’ outside, wire tapped Trump Tower walls!
Saw Huma & Mills pictures again in the ‘Failing NYTimes paper,
Read the news about their lying faces..
But the FBI prosecutors didn’t wanna treat them the same! (as Flynn, Manafort & WeenieWeiner)…

When it all… comes tumblin’ down…

Yeah it all… starts crumblin’ crumblin’…
When it all… comes tumblin’.. tumblin’…
Doooowwn!….. 👎

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 👍

Some people (deranged Trump haters),
Say Trump’s obnoxious and crazy..
His supporters are uneducated, their opinions mean nothin’..
But now we know, they’re all real bad actors,
Don’t need to look over Mueller’s shoulder, to see what he’s after.. (impeachment)
Everybody (on his team) got bias problems,
Ain’t no fake-news here:
Trump’s the same old trouble, Strzok & Page were textin’ ’bout last year..
Don’t confuse ‘the dossier’ with real intel, conspiracy is perfectly clear (DOJ/FBI)..
Just a Deep-State desire (“insurance policy”),
With our election/duly elected president interfere!
Weissmann put his arms around Yates (Travel Ban defy hero),
‘Fusion’ breadth Ohr/McCabe put in high gear..
Comey pens leaks, Comey makes leaks..
Rosenstein testimony not clear!

When it all… comes tumblin’ down…
Yeah it all… is crumblin’.. crumblin’…
When it all… comes tumblin’.. tumblin’…
Doooowwn!….. 👎

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