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Putin ‘Infuriated’ by Obama’s ‘Bored Kid’ Remark

by on August 29, 2013

The New York Times is reporting that an anonymous source described Russian President Vladamir Putin as “infuriated” when Obama described Putin’s body language “like the bored kid in the back of the classroom.”

Suspicion of President Obama only intensified after his decision to scuttle a summit meeting next week in Moscow and to describe Mr. Putin in unusually personal terms at a news conference, saying his body language often made him look “like the bored kid in the back of the classroom.”

And while Obama went on to say “when we’re in conversations together, oftentimes it’s very productive” nevertheless “the comment infuriated Mr. Putin, according to one Russian official not authorized to be quoted by name.”

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  1. guitargod permalink

    “is it any wonder that i’ve got too much time on my hands… it’s hard to believe says Sean Hannity… I’ve got too much time on my hands”……

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Obama is the least equipped man to ever have served as President of the USA. He is an embarrassment on a global scale. His unscripted remarks are often devastatingly stupid, (remember the “Special Olympics” on the Tonight Show?), and even dangerous.

    • guitargod permalink

      yep, least qualified guy in ANY room he walks into…… (as El Rushbo always says)

      • at least Putin looks like a thug. Obama’s limp like a wet paper bag

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