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Bongino for U.S. Senate

by on April 13, 2012

Here’s a LETTER I submitted to the local paper as well as a correction for an error I made-

A March 26th press release by U.S. Senator Ben Cardin’s (D-MD) office highlighted his opinions on the Trayvon Martin case and a bill he introduced to “end to racial profiling, a practice that singles out individuals based on race, ethnic origin, or religious.” That is noble on his part. I hope Mr. Cardin will also introduce legislation to eliminate the Maryland “hate crimes” law Article 27 470A. The concept that crimes committed against persons of certain minorities are somehow more serious than crimes committed against non-minority citizens should be offensive to everyone who demands equal treatment under the law. Lady Justice is often depicted as blindfolded and holding a balance scale to fairly judge a case’s strengths and oppositions. As of this writing, no crime was committed nor charges filed in the Trayvon Martin case. For Mr. Cardin to use the event as an opportunity to announce his legislation seem! s more than a little patronizing to the black community. Perhaps he’s doing a little racial profiling of his own to garner black votes in his re-election bid against African American Republican challenger Dan Bongino?

I would like to issue a retraction for an error I made in my letter (‘Cardin taking advantage of Martin case’) printed in the Whig on Fri April 13th. I incorrectly stated Dan Bongino’s ethnicity as African American when in fact he is Italian American. It’s a pretty big mistake and I do apologize to Dan. Regardless of his background, I thoroughly enjoy his expressions of Conservatism and efforts to save our country from the failed economic policies of Liberalism. Dan has my vote for U.S. Senate over incumbent Ben Cardin.

  1. Walkie Wawtmire permalink

    What we’ve got ‘chere is an Ethiopian-Italian.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Dan, you had a good run. Keep plugged in and keep sharing the truth about Cardin and his tax/spend liberal cronies!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    We need a conservative in office to stop the financial bloodletting. The Dems will spend everything we make and indebt us for life!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Bravo! Dan will make a great replacement for Cardin.

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